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Cronica Story

logoCronica is a leading provider of manuals in Slovakia. We provide our customers with localization of user manuals, service manuals, service records, technical data sheets, and catalogues. Most of our completed orders are from electrical engineering, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, telecommunications, and medical sciences. If you are a manufacturer or an importer of DVD recorders, Hi-fi audio, cars, tractors, harvesters, hydraulic systems, telephones, or ultrasound machines, Cronica will take care of complete product documentation for your products. Manuals have been produced by a reliable team of project managers, translators, editors, graphic designers, and printers since 2001. Our customers have been using our services for years, many of them since the founding year of 2001. Our basic setup is a total commitment to quality.

Cronica is localization. Cronica means translating technical texts with respect to social and cultural particularities of the local environment, converting the text rather than translating it literally, making necessary stylistic and sentence structure modifications in order to adapt the text to the target language. In localising operating systems, application software, and software in telecommunication devices, medical and engineering equipment, attention to detail is also essential – such as the length of sequence to be displayed to the customer, or the inability to display special characters of our alphabet in foreign-made devices. Software in printers, mobile phones, digital cameras, X-ray machines and CNC machine tools should be in line with the rest of the equipment’s technical documentation, including user or service manuals.

Cronica also means separate services. We provide independent translation, professional editing, typesetting, independent proofreading, and full printing services. We print offset, digital or screen printing, and we do laminating and bookbinding.

But most of all, Cronica is the people. On the one hand, it is our loyal customers who give us the trust we once didn’t even dream of; we are grateful for this trust and greatly appreciate it. On the other hand, it is the team of our full-time members of staff who have the greatest merit for all our achievements. All these people deserve our many thanks.


So this is our story. Welcome to our web pages.
Peter Kuzma